POS Software

Idealpos 7
Looking for Point of Sale (POS) Software in the Riverina and surroundings? As proud Idealpos partners we offer a complete POS System for you business. We support a wide range of industries from Hospitality to Retail. Idealpos is proudly Australian owned and developed. Idealpos is user friendly and versatile and can be customized for your needs. This means you only pay for the features you need.
Our team can assist you in any aspects to choose the right features and extra with a combined 50 Years experience in Hospitality and retail.
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Kitchen Monitor
The Ideal Kitchen Monitor is a customisable display ordering system suitable for Drive Thru, Quick Service, Restaurant and Café businesses.
All orders can be viewed and timed alarms can be set to keep service moving at a fast rate.

The customer order display allows a prompt notification for your customers that the order is ready.
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Stock Manage App
The Idealpos Stock Manage App allows you to perform Stocktake, Stock transfer between locations, receive items into stock and assign barcodes to all items. You can use the device intergraded camera or attach a scanner like Linea Pro. No more counting sheets or mixed up counts.
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Ideal WebIT is a Webstore Interface Module allowing you sell your Items in Idealpos on your Webstore. The Interface is 2-way. Orders placed online can be directly processed through Idealpos.
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