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(LC-37BK) Brother Black Ink Cartridge - 350 pages

$35.36 ex. GST



Suitable for use in Brother DCP-135C, DCP-150C, MFC-235C, MFC-260C printers and multi-function devices.


Each one of these Brother Inkjet LC-37BK cartridges comes fully loaded up with premium select Black ink that delivers vivid colour expression to produce striking images as well as improved crispness and clarity for producing fine sharp lines for text and graph type work for reports and other publications.

  • These Black Ink Cartridges hold more than standard yield type cartridges, so you will be able to print a lot more for a lot longer improving productivity and budget savings.
  • The print quality of this Brother LC-37BK ink cartridge is outstanding, producing a full-colour gamut of Black to ensure extra vibrancy and delivered through a super fine print head nozzle to also create the most exceptional colour output for photo and imaging type work. The rich Black and its precise gradations of hues and tones also ensure crisp linework ideal for text, graphs, presentations and other professional documents.
  • Once the manufacturing process has been completed, every Brother LC-37BK Black Ink Cartridge is subjected to a series of sophisticated and precise measurement criterion bench tests that must be passed before approval for distribution. Each one comes with a full 100% factory warranty, and we supplement this guarantee with our own Printer Perfect Warranty and a lifetime shelf warranty for your confidence.
  • Suitable for use in a select range of Brother DCP series inkjet printers, multi-function centres and all-in-one devices. The materials used by the Brother factory have been carefully selected from high quality environmentally and sustainable, durable materials to ensure all components produced from such materials will stand the test of time and deliver consistent long-term reliability.
  • The technology for producing the print with these Brother LC-37BK Black Ink Cartridges is known as thermal inkjet. Ink is pumped down into an apparatus known as a printhead which is then used to apply the laters of ink directly onto the paper.
  • Innovative and advanced ink droplet creation technology driven by the printer processing mechanisms improves the balance and mixture of all the inks in this LC-37BK Black to ensure correct colour balance, expression and matching. The ink used has been specially formulated with elements to deliver high page saturation with minimal page bleeding. It also has additional polymers for protecting the longevity of the printer’s print head by acting as a coolant and viscosity maintainer for the internal pump system.
  • Printed output produced by this LC-37BK is resistant to scratches and abrasions, making them extra durable for handling and filing. It has been designed to comfortably manage print speeds up to 25 (ppm) pages per minute without output deterioration of physical failure.
  • Operators can experiment with select media and change advanced printer settings to achieve higher amounts of print resolution. Using these features, users can get up to produce precise, detailed, beautifully rendered prints, photos, artwork and more. And for internal office use only, other settings can be changed to help save on ink usage, This ink saver option is widely known as DRAFT MODE and is ideal for applications where there is no need for the highest quality output. Perfect for inter-office memos, minutes and agendas for example.
  • The estimated page yield of this Brother LC-37BK Black Ink Cartridge is up to 350 pages at 5% coverage*.
  • Each Brother Inkjet cartridge is vacuum packed in its box for secure storage, access and to improve shelf longevity and to prevent any risk of leaks, ink blotting or trapped air bubbles.