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(LC-38CL3PK) Brother Cyan, Magenta & Yellow Colour Pack

$55.91 ex. GST



Suitable for use in Brother DCP-145C, DCP-165C, DCP-195C, DCP-375CW, MFC-250C, MFC-255CW, MFC-290C, MFC-295CN printers and multi-function devices.


Manufactured under Brother’s own exacting internal quality guidelines to meet pre-determined quality and performance criterion parameters, these OEM LC-38CL3PK Brother Inkjet cartridges deliver superb quality printing results, performance and longevity. Irrespective of whether the cartridge is to be used primarily to produce professional office documents, booklets, office reports or lab-quality photos, you can be confident that this original replacement ink cartridge from Brother is up to the task!

  • This LC-38CL3PK Colour Ink Cartridge Triple Pack is one in the DCP series of cartridges that make up the Brother DCP image development system which produces a perfect mix of quality and economy for a large variety of applications for the modern office, school or home user.
  • The cartridge has been designed to produce consistent results without failure up to printer speeds of 27 (ppm) pages per minute.
  • Contains a special formulation of premium quality ink developed by Brother’s in-house ink laboratory team to ensure superior print quality, performance and colour matching. The microscopic ink droplet size of 1.5 pl (picolitre) ensures continuous high-resolution page coverage. Printed output is also fade resistant, smudge proof and durable to allow for continuous robust handling and be able to withstand adverse environmental conditions.
  • This contains more ink than the standard size, so you can print significantly more and endure fewer cartridge change hassles.
  • The image formation process system utilised is a relatively new concept in reprography and it is called thermal inkjet technology. Ink is pumped from the LC-38CL3PK ink cartridge tank to a print head which uses a tiny heating plate to expand and then force the ink through a set of microscopic nozzles out onto the paper. Images are created at amazingly high-quality resolution levels compared to other types, and hence this type of printing is always recommended where the highest quality output is desired. For even better results, operators can use with specific photo paper and advanced printer settings to produce near photo lab prints. Additionally, ink can be saved by changing these settings to draft mode; In Draft mode, some heating elements that control print head nozzle sections are switched off, so less ink is dispersed onto the paper and by extension, less ink is used and the cartridge lasts longer. This draft mode is perfect for producing internal documents and other jobs where a lower quality output is acceptable.
  • Uniquely formulated chemical additives have been added to the ink tank blend to improve print reliability and performance. One such compound acts to keep the printhead assembly at the exact right temperature during printing to maximise ink spread and even dispersion across the page as well as to prevent heating elements from failing. Others ensure the ink viscosity is maintained so that continuous ink flow can occur during printing and line clogging can be avoided once at rest.
  • Each one of these Brother Colour Ink Cartridge Triple Packs is housed in its own fully vacuum sealed container to maximise longevity and avoid ink seepage. It is then also put inside a protective box for easy storage and access.
  • The print volume of this ink cartridge is up to 780 pages at 5% coverage*.