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(TN-2430) Brother Original Toner Cartridge 1200 Pages - Black

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Suitable for use in Brother HL-L2350DW, HL-L2375DW, HL-L2395DW, MFC L2710DW, MFC-L2713DW, MFC-L2730DW, MFC-L2750DW printers and multi-function devices.


These Brother TN-2430 Black Toner Cartridge has an estimated yield of up to 1200 pages at 5% coverage*. Because of this extra print yield capacity, you can expect greater interval times between changes with fewer interruptions so workflow productivity will improve. You’ll enjoy a lower print cost and have less waste to deal with which all make these types of cartridges not only ecologically friendly but also super value.   

  • This genuine Brother TN-2430 Black Toner Cartridge comes filled with Brothers’ premium select quality micro-granular toner and polymer mix to ensure precise and clear lines for professional text output and high-definition gradations and hues for image and colour production work.   

  • The housing cradle assembly of this genuine TN-2430 toner cartridge has been designed so that it can be changed out easily so the operator can quickly get back to more important tasks.  

  • The image creation section utilised with these types of laser toners is a hybrid reprographic process combining both electro-static and laser technologies. The integrated laser produces a static electricity charge as a reverse photostatic image and applies these charges onto a photoconductive drum assembly. At the same time, the TN-2430 toner is stirred to charge the toner particles as opposite charge. As the drum and toner roller have opposite charges, they naturally attract each other, and in the process, the toner jumps from the toner cartridge and lands on the drum to form the primary image. The media that has been chosen for the print is then moved along underneath this drum where a reverse charge is then applied to then again attract the whole image from the drum down and onto the page. The toner now sits atop the paper and is then moved along to what is called a fusing unit assembly. Here the fuser uses a set of heated pressure rollers to melt and impregnate the toner permanently into the fibres of the paper. It then exits the printer ready for handling and additional office processing.     

  • This Genuine Brother TN-2430 Black Toner Cartridge has been designed by Brother engineers to ensure the highest quality print output with performance and durability to match. As expected, dedicated adherence to the highest QA manufacturing standards at Brothers’ manufacturing plant along with the most senior technical innovation implemented by their R & D team of researchers and engineers ensures continuous high performance, dependability and maximum print output capacity for every cartridge. 

  • Due to the unique properties of the polymers and toner blend utilised by Brother in this TN-2430 toner cartridge, printed output is highly resistant to smudging, fading and deterioration from hostile environmental conditions.

  • The colour of this toner cartridge is Black and it comes packed individually in a sturdy storage carton and sealed inside to protect contents and extend toner shelf life.   

  • Suitable for immediate use in select Brother HL laser printers and multi-function devices.   

  • The cartridge is capable of maintaining consistent output up to speeds of 32 (ppm) pages per minute.

  • The microscopic toner particle size and spherical shape of the toner used by the Brother factory for this cartridge will deliver up to 2400 x 600 DPI (dots per inch) resolution quality. Toner is the powdered ink that forms the image on the paper, and it is made from compounds of carbon and polymer granules. The smaller the granule size, the better the print quality. Smaller particles mean more granules of toner can be applied to a standard inch area, which means higher rates of dots per inch (DPI) resolution. Special polymers are also added to assist with the development finish and adhesion process. This resolution output parameter can be changed to suit a different number of printing applications. For example for the best quality, operators can change printer settings to their highest DPI value and utilise with particular media and paper types. For jobs though that is not so quality critical like internal memos etc., settings can be adjusted so that toner is preserved to increase the life of the cartridge. This configuration is known as DRAFT or TONER SAVE mode, and it effectively changes the amount of toner used, so the cartridge lasts a lot longer.   

  • As a consequence of Brother’s commitment to the highest manufacturing standards, each TN-2430 cartridge now also comes with our exclusive 100% Printer Perfect Warranty and Lifetime Shelf Guarantee for your confidence and peace of mind.

Re-Order: TN2430
Brand: Brother
Duty Cycle: Approx. 1,200 pages at 5% coverage

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