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(TN-253BK) Brother Black High Yield Toner Cartridge

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Suitable for use in Brother HL-L3230CDW, HL-L3270CDW, MFC-L3745CDW, MFC-L3770CDW printers and multi-function devices.


This genuine Brother toner cartridge has been specially designed for perfect fitment and represent the highest standards regarding print quality.

  • This laser printer cartridge has been manufactured to advanced excellence standards typically expected from Brother. Each one has been constructed from patented engineered parts and non-toxic materials to maximise durability and performance. At the factory, it is put through a battery of performance tests with pre-determined reliability benchmarks criteria standards that must be achieved before being Brother engineered certified for use. Because of this commitment to performance excellence Brother provide a 100% Factory warranty, and we also top this up with our exclusive Printer Perfect Warranty and Lifetime Shelf Warranty. This makes them the perfect choice for a wide range of medium to high-end commercial office and school printing applications.
  • Print up to 2500 A4 pages at 5% page coverage*.
  • Prints generated with this genuine Brother toner cartridge is delivered robust for extended longevity. The high saturation levels also make each printed sheet extra resistant to smudging, fading and abrasions making them extra durable for more comfortable handling and additional operator processing.
  • It comes filled with premium quality ultra-granular Black toner with for producing sharp, crisp lines for text and line work and excellent colour matching for high definition photo and artwork production. Also added to the ink formula are spherical thermoplastic polymers to promote a lower melting point for the toner, so the printer warms-up faster. Because of this, the printer uses less electricity, so running costs are also lower.
  • The physical design of the cartridge frame has been developed to be user-friendly so that it can be quickly and easily changed out by the user. Workflow interruptions are minimised so staff and operators can stay focused on more critical tasks.
  • Each one of these cartridges has been manufactured to ensure high-resolution output with a permanent bond to the media making them ideal for undertaking moderate to larger volumes of work. You can adjust printer settings to either save more on toner or produce different levels of print density output up to 2400 x 600 DPI depending on the application and results you wish to achieve. To gain the highest resolution quality for creating high colour page saturation, photos and artwork, use the advanced printer setting panel and combine such with special photo paper and media types for additional enhancement. If doing lots of internal office copies of documents, check out the built-in toner save mode call DRAFT MODE. This setting lowers the concentration level of toner, so prints have a lower density output, but often this is quite acceptable for jobs like memos, reminders, agendas etc. Because toner levels are dampened in this mode, a lot less toner is used, and so the cartridge simply lasts considerably longer. For professional text and graph work, consider a middle setting using high-grade laser copy paper.
  • Laser and static electricity principles drive the print formation process with these types of toner cartridges. Inside the printer exists a cylindrical photoconductor unit or what is commonly known as a drum unit. This drum unit has a photoelectric and light sensitive surface coating which changes electrical state when a light is applied. In the first stages of development, the drum’s surface is coated all over with static electrical charges from a DC transformer. The integrated laser is then switched on and directs its beam onto this charged surface based on where all the non-visible areas of the print job are located. This has the effect of neutralising these charges, so they no longer are present. Where the laser did not get applied the surface locations are still charged, and these drum areas now form an invisible image of the print figure sent to the printer from the PC. The drum then rotates and engages with the toner cartridge assembly, in particular, the developer roller which is coated with toner particles. As this dev roller turns, it also charges the toner particles with static charges that are opposite in polarity to those on the drum. As opposite charges attract,  what we see now is the toner particles being attracted across to the charged area of the drum surface to make the first visible image of the print job. A page is then transported into the printer just below the drum, and as it rotates, another transformer below the page switches on to drag the image from the drum to meet the paper. The sheet now moves to a fusing station where heat and pressure are applied to melt press the toner particles in its image form into the paper fibres so that it remains permanently affixed. It then exits the printer ready for additional operator processing, and so the cycle continues.
  • Tested by senior Brother QA inspectors to ensure each cartridge can sustain a continuous output printing speed of up to 22 pages per minute.
  • The colour of this toner cartridge is Black and it comes delivered in an easy to store carton. It is also sealed inside to protect the components and to maximise toner integrity, longevity and cartridge performance.

Re-Order: TN253BK
Brand: Brother
Duty Cycle: Approx. 2,500 pages at 5% coverage

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