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(TN-257C) Brother High Yield Toner Cartridge - Cyan

$150.45 ex. GST


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Suitable for use in Brother HL-L3230CDW, HL-L3270CDW, MFC-L3745CDW, MFC-L3770CDW printers and multi-function devices.

Enjoy massive savings today on this original Brother TN-257C Cyan High Yield Toner Cartridge. This genuine toner cartridge comes delivered as a high yield version for undertaking medium to high volume printing applications.


It has been manufactured in Brother’s image laboratory factory to international ISO standards to ensure faultless durability and longevity. Whether used primarily to produce professional office documents, publications, presentations, booklets, office reports or photos and artwork, you can be confident that this original replacement toner cartridge will deliver time and time again!

  • The hopper section which contains the toner in this cartridge comes with a high-yield capacity. These higher yield toner cartridges mean you’ll get greater print volume and have fewer interruptions to your workflow. The other positive for both the operator and the environment is because there are fewer cartridges, there is also less overall waste. This particular cartridge will provide up to 2300 pages at a spread of 5% per A4 sheet.
  • Engineered to maintain constant output up to a printing speed of up to 22 pages per minute with negligible print degradation.   
  • These genuine TN-257C Cyan High Yield Toner Cartridges from Brother are perfect for those demanding the very best print quality with the highest levels of performance and reliability. Particularly suited for a wide range of printing applications including precise high-definition printed text documents, reports, graphs, publications, photos, artwork and more.    
  • The technology behind printed image formations with these laser cartridges is known as electrostatic reprography. In order to to get the toner to form the shape of the text and images, the printer utilises the power of electrical charges to attract oppositely charged toner particles. Initially, before development occurs, a light-sensitive drum called a photoconductor is applied with electrical charges. A laser beam is then used to discharge areas on the drum where the image is invisible and this leaves behind an invisible template of electrons which represent the image on the drum’s surface. These charges then attract across oppositely charged toner particles from the toner cartridge to make the primary image. At that moment paper is moved underneath the drum assembly in preparation to receive the toner particles in the form of the image. Then once registration between paper and drum have been reached, a charge corona switched on beneath the paper and this force then pulls the image from the drum down ontop the waiting sheet of paper. The sheet now has the image sitting on top of its surface, but it is sitting there loose. It now needs to be fixed into place and so it is moved onto a fusing section where the toner particles are impregnated into the fibres of the page with heat and pressure. The printed page has now been fully developed and it exits the printer ready for additional operator use and handling.   
  • Brother take special care to ensure that a constant awareness and respect for the environment underpins and guides responsible decision making during development and manufacturing procedures for all of its laser and ink cartridges. All elements of the cartridge including internal components, housing, chassis, toner powder polymers and even the shipping carton are made from eco-friendly sustainable materials, often from recycled non-toxic elements. This commitment to product and environmental excellence demonstrates nicely that modern and advanced technologies can be harnessed to deliver high-value products that can be both environmentally friendly without having to compromise on performance, quality or reliability. 
  • Each of these original factory Brother TN-257C toners is thoroughly inspected at every stage of the manufacturing process and then rigorously bench tested to meet stringent QA parameters to ensure quality output and defect-free performance before distribution.      
  • The outer section of the cartridge has been designed with the operator handling in mind to make it quick and easy to exchange it out from the printer.   
  • As the prints are made from the special blend of spherical toner particles and particular polymers, they are extremely robust with high resistance to smearing and fading as well as adverse environmental elements like chemicals, light, condensation and extremes in ambient weather conditions.   
  • Each cartridge comes correctly label coded and packed in its own easy-to-store carton and sealed inside to protect internal components and extend toner shelf life.   
  • The micron-sized toner powder granules and polymers used in this cartridge have been carefully formulated to produce high page saturation and accurate colour matching producing a wide array of tones, hues and smooth graduations for superior and vivid quality output expression. Some the of special additives also act as a lubricant for many of the moving parts inside the cartridge to ensure high durability and extend cartridge longevity. Other polymers help lower the melting point level of the toner so the printer can warm-up faster, be ready earlier for production and use less overall all energy to keep operating costs to a minimum.

Re-Order: TN257C
Brand: Brother
Duty Cycle: Approx. 2,300 pages at 5% coverage

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